Yllana - Chefs

The show “Chefs” is a funny way to see the fascinating world of gastronomy. The story is focused on a very prestigious chef who has lost his inspiration and has to trust a goofy team of cooks to create a spectacular and innovating recipe to maintain the stars of his restaurant. At the same time Yllana is travelling through different stages of the cooking world, such as our natural instinct to eat, animals that feed us, different cuisines and tastes all over the world.

We will see the chefs’ egos, the competition between the “best chefs” and, in general, everything that can be cooked in Yllana’s hilarious pot.



Tickets (ab Dienstag 10.10.2017)

Buchen Sie hier direkt Ihr Ticket für die Vorstellung von Yllana am Samstag 16. Dezember 2017 um 21.00 Uhr im Tschuggenzelt.