TAPE FACE / Kevin Brooking & Mathieu Moerenhout - Naked Lunch

The international silent marvel is back! Fresh from rip roaring success in America, sell out shows in London’s West End and the Edinburgh Fringe. This is silence with noise, stand up with no talking, drama with no acting. Tape Face has to be seen to be believed. “Hysterically funny! Sublime physical lunacy! Fight for a ticket.” Time Out London

Welcome to "Naked Lunch" where two gastronomically challenged clowns, Louis and Alfred, pretend to be French chefs from French France. "C'est Bon!" These culinary wizards are ready with the recipes if they can only figure out how to light the oven. For your exotic pleasure enjoy their famous Pandango- an acrobatic hoochie coochie dance for two kings of burlesque and 4 four frying pans. A hilarious feast for the eyes.

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Tickets (ab Dienstag 10.10.2017)

Buchen Sie hier direkt Ihr Ticket für die Vorstellung von TAPE FACE/ Kevin Brooking & Mathieu Moerenhout am Freitag 8. Dezember 2017 um 17.30 Uhr im Tschuggenzelt.